Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zoo + Nuts = Monkey - More feature thoughts

Could this become the future of magazines?

Although the content is nothing more than what you would expect from a "lads' mag" the inter-active element is very interesting and if it works could be yet another new media format as of yet under-used.

However, I do not believe this can be the future. So much of the pleasure derived from magazines is from their physical qualities. The size, the touch, the colour etc.

The average attention span of the online user (around three minutes), the prospect of having to wait for pages to load on screen and other internet problems means it has too many hurdles. But it is obviously an avenue the major magazine companies feel has the potential for growth.

I am going to try and talk to the company responsibile for this new attempt at a magazine format for my Online feature.

You know what they say, "Monkey see, Monkey do", but in this case will it be,

"see what Monkey do, do what Monkey do"

(bit of a stretch I admit...)

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