Sunday, February 01, 2009

Born to run / Keep on the running / Run DMC

Yes, running etc. This morning I braved the freezing winds of the northern ice lands of Watford to take part in the annual half-marathon along this course. This is all part of my training for the London marathon and it was the longest distance I've run since training started. I managed to finish in 1:49 15 which I was very pleased with: Results are now up: came 1080th from 1958. Which is pleasing.

Over the last mile it snowed which made it feel all dramatic and epic like, but it didn't last very long: the snow I mean. The goodie bag only had one piece of food in it, which was a bit poor, but we did get a nice tee shirt and a bottle of Gatorade, which I discovered on the way round, is much better than water for giving you some extra energy. Also, trying to take a small paper cup from someone and drink it while you run is difficult: it's a skill in itself.

It was a nice route, out among the the fields and hills of outer London, into the countryside, and over the M25 and with round 2,000 runners taking part you were surrounded by fellow runners, all puffing and wheezing away, which was great for keeping you going.

Anyways, if you've read this far, and know me / have money / do charity / are an eccentric millionaire it would be wonderful if you could sponsor me on my way to this goal of running the marathon and raising £1,800 for the NSPCC. You only have to click here and fill in a few forms.

Go on, you know you want to.

This is a cool website: write your own bus slogan, here's mine:

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