Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strange woman on the train

Strange woman on the train

There's nothing worse than when a four-carriage trains arrives at a station where people are spread out along it expecting an eight-carriage dealy. It sends people, me including, rushing down the platform to squeeze into tightly packed carriages.

On clambering aboard I ended up stood next to a man who was in turn next to a very feisty, hairpinned back to pull her-eye-balls-back woman who acted very oddly at this intrusion. She huffed and sighed, put her bag down, picked it up again, turned around, turned back around again, all the time while having a face like a slapped you know what at the sheer rudeness she no doubt felt our climbing aboard represented.

At the next stop I watched her closely to see how she acted when more eight-carriage good four-carriage bad passengers had been caught short and sure enough when a women climbing on had the misfortune to rub against her and said "excuse me", she immediately said:

"yes excuse you, you didn't need to that"
"do what?"
"The elbows thing!"
"What elbows thing? I said excuse me"

The woman who showed remarkably calmness then pushed on into the crowd and took up residence. The bitter woman continued to stare at her like she was the devil. Moron.

Two stops later a man told another man to "just fuck off will you" because he was apparently pushing in to him. The other man said "I'm sorry, it was just my bag".

It was 8.56am.

London is lovely sometimes.