Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Adam Curtis's recent documentary, "The Trap: What happened to our dream of freedom?" was one of the best pieces of intellectual television that I can remember for a long time. It gave no pause for breath and required your attention for every second, but it was worth every second of your attention.

The arguments put forward are too complex and intricate to detail in a single blog post, but I would urge anyone with an interest in politics, society, history or just the world at large, to watch this programme if and when they can.

Sign of the Times

Sitting on the bus to the train station to begin the epic journey home (see post below) an amusing incident took place that I thought nicely summed up just how de-sensitised our society is becoming.

Two young children got on, no older than eight, and sat at the back, “Mum”, they shouted, “come and sit at the back with us.” The mother replied, “No I want to sit down here at the front.” Quick as a flash one of the boys said, “But what if a peado gets on and snatches us away.”

Rather than stunned silence or outrage there was a general sense of amusement.

Three trains and a bus

Just to say I took three trains home and a bus from Cardiff to Truro; off at Bristol, off at Tiverton to the bus, Plymouth to Truro on final train. The amazing thing was that it ran like clockwork. Every section. Our much maligned transport network deserves some credit when it does deliver its promise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wild Issue Two

Issue two of Wild was finished last week.

Features on camping in the Gower, skiing, The Menai Staits and mountain boarding, helped make it a bloody good read.

The website is now up and running and looking ace too.

Have a look around and see what you like. Enjoy

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Scraping the Barrel

More proof, if it were needed, that Simon Cowell is an idiot.

And staying with the pseudo-musical theme, Britain's entry to Eurovision was announced as "Scooch" who look, and sound, truly terrible. To think Morrissey had put himself forward to be our entry and was told he would have to go through the qualifying procedure (read, money making format) is disgraceful.

But then who really cares about Eurovision. It is one of the biggest non-events of the TV calendar...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More or Less

We had the pleasure of a talk from the Real Life editor of More magazine, Helen Roberts yesterday. The main things that came out of the talk was her obvious enthusiasm for her job, but more so was the ruthlessness with which she does her job and the underhand tactics required. Be that from drinking alone in pubs to try and get talking to Kerry Katona's friends or lying to people to guarantee stories.

The moral issue of all this is debatable. But if people didn't want their stories published then people like Helen wouldn't have a job. Journalism has many strands. From the FT, the Guardian, Word Magazine, or More; each does its job for its audience as well as it can. It depends on the strengths and desires of the journalists who work for them.

It was a very interesting afternoon and underlined the hard work required on any type of magazine, as well as the diversity and satisfaction the job can provide.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Crazy Story time

And special note to this part of the story.

"After the RSPCA failed to reach him, help was sought from two council wardens who tied a number of hamster ladders and Curly Wurly bars together."

Where did the two council wardens get the Curly Wurleys from? Were they in the van? Or did a kind local shop owner donate them? And what the (expletive) are "hamster ladders?" Are they specially designed for this type of emergency? So many questions...

Another good quote from the story...

"Finally, a narrow attachment on the vacuum was used to retrieve him."

So that's what those attachments are for...

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Joss

A brilliant review here from The Times on Joss Stone's new album. I think the following line might just be one of the most cutting, accurate and downright brilliant put-downs of an album and its potential market:

"Let’s not deny, then, that fortysomething female marketing executives in elasticated trouser suits need something to listen to while they wait for their M&S Gastropub meal to ping."

Thursday, March 08, 2007

T.V. Pickings

The recent scandal over the fixed phone-ins on quiz shows highlights some of the problems of this supposed new e-democracy we've heard so much about both in mainstream media and on our course.

It's all dressed up as "audience interaction" and "you, the VIEWER, are in control" but in reality, as now shown, it's nothing more than the continual control by the media barons. (Hmmm I have a feeling I've typed this sentence before...)

However, is this a cloud from which a silver lining shall emanate?

If these T.V. shows can become a thing of the past then perhaps those in charge will be forced to spend some more time in board rooms high on the 14th floor of river fronted buildings actually commissioning new, dynamic and intelligent shows. The less of Fame Academy, X Factor, Dancing on Ice, Strictly Come Dancing, When Will I Be Famous, I'm a Celebrity, Love Island... the better for everyone.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Kernow Bys Vyken

A happy St Piran's Day to one and all. I wish I was at home today so I could celebrate with a proper pasty...

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I watched the BBC show on L.S. Lowry and they showed a clip of the video for the song Masterplan by Oasis. It's a mix of Lowry scenes and styles blended into a moving video image of the band's rise from the streets of Manchester to the world stage. It's bloody brilliant.

Word Play

How to confuse people, and possibly yourself, with one word...