Thursday, November 16, 2006


So Jeff Buckley would have been 40 tomorrow. An odd thought. Heading into middle age with far more material released and a far greater fan base (which some might say would have been a bad thing...).

So as a mini-tribute I have put this video up. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Simply mesmeric. Bare in mind this was Glastonbury in 1995. Grace came out in 1994 and was not a quick seller. Most people in the crowd would have little idea who this man (and his band) were, which only serves to make the reaction at the end even more heightened.

Anyways. Enjoy...


Jessica said...

Did not know you were a fan. Thanks for that - very much enjoyed it. In fact it inspired me to put my CD on. The song 'Lover. You Should've Come Over' has a very profound effect on me.

Jessica said...

You will have to educate me then. I love his stuff that I have heard but my knowledge is limited!

They don't ever stop asking the same questions in shorthand classes so I don't know why it would be any different with guest lecturers.
They're 'proper' journalists, asking questions is what they do.

Some computer nerd.

Anonymous said...

Lovely mate, hadn't seen this before. Brilliant stuff.

@ Jessica: I agree. 'Lover...' was always my favourite.


Anonymous said...

top video, but the fucking thing stopped working seconds before the crowd reaction... I feel I missed the climax, gutted. Genuinely brilliant voice on that man.