Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dr Strangeblog

I'm now officially blogging for blogging's sake. There are no word limits and no criteria to fill.

Kim Hollamby of Ipc Media was the last of the online crowd to come and regail us with information about the future of media.

Kim referred to himself as a geek which is always oddly endearing. He did seem like a bit of a geek too, but only in a good way, and he gave us all free magazines which was fantastic.

One was Shoot magazine which is nothing like the paper quality, flimsy weekly I knew and loved. It's shiny, glossy, monthly and very professional. And only made by around a team of seven or eight people (we're told) - impressive stuff.

What was interesting about his talk was rather than making out that the internet and print were being forced to co-exist like two big fish in a one fish pond, it was more like two friends who happily slip in and out of each others house's without any need for formality.

Magazine websites should be seen as a complement to the magazine itself. Not something in direct competition with it. Moreover with the right mixture of content on the website you can create an even higher level of brand loyalty from customers.

And he gave plenty of information and quotes which I can use for my online feature.

Magazine people, is there anything they can't do...

P.S. - I hope this font wasn't too small and didn't hurt your eyes. (Magazine in-joke...does this make me a geek too?)


immedia said...

Did you mean "complement" and not "compliment"? Just wondering...

And yay for Kim Hollamby, he was a very endearing geek...

Dan W said...

Yes I did. Thank you...I am sure you can find other mistakes. I am not much of a sub, more of a writer, if you would like to sub my blog (for no money) then please do...

Anonymous said...

Just to clear it up in case immedia is unsure... Dan actually could have used complement or compliment in this instance, depending on what he meant.
A definition:

As a noun, complement means "something that completes or brings to perfection". Used as a verb it means "to serve as a complement to." The noun compliment means "an expression or act of courtesy or praise," while the verb means "to pay a compliment to."

I am sure it was the verb of complement that he meant.