Monday, November 13, 2006

Stop Trying to Change the Past(y)

Devon is too jealous of Cornwall.

Trying to steal the pasty from us, tsk tsk, shame. You can draw up tea-stained documents if you want, but no-one will go round saying 'oh this is a lovely Devon pasty' or even less likely, a lovely 'Devonian pasty'.

Apart from Dartmoor there is no aspect of Devon that the Cornish would ever want. So go and bother Somerset and leave us alone.

*Just to point out that no pasty ever bought from outside Cornwall is a proper pasty. And Ginsters...don't get me started.


On an utterly unrelated subject 'Under My Thumb' by The Rolling Stones might be the most misogynystic song ever.


Kristian Dando said...

No, the Cornish aren't ones to mix. Those big-eared boys like to keep to their own, eh Chuckles?

Dan W said...

We've got no problem with mixing. Some of my best friends come from a field almost four miles away.

It's just the Devon lot trying to steal our thunder.

Dan W said...

It's all harmless banter anyways.

Jade Lisa Lord said...

tsk tsk. We wouldn't want your inbred land anyway! each to their own, and your lot certainly keep to their own... I've seen Land's End, proper weird folk down there...