Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Topic for Online Article

Online Feature Idea
Topic: Journalism and Futurology

I'm assuming suitable time has passed for me to add another course related blog since the assessment period on Friday.

Having looked for a more concrete stand point for my Online article I have decided to continue my train of thought from this post about what the future will hold for newspapers and I will also look at magazines too.

If online growth continues and local papers, like Newbury Today, continue to use the internet to post their news where will their print readers be in the future?

Secondly could a similar situation arise in the magazine world? Will publications become more accessible and therefore lose hard-copy buyers, who are a fickle group anyway, or will the feel, touch and quality production of a magazine mean it remains a steady seller and advertising medium?

Or could low-grade, highly specified magazines, go purely online to allow their small readership the oppurtunity to download their latest content for a small price thus cutting out expensive production and transport costs?

In looking to answer these questions I will talk to those at the Newbury post, my local paper The Falmouth Packet, a wide range of magazines from nationwide monthly publications to small scale specialised magazines. I will also ask members of the public for their views.

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