Saturday, November 11, 2006


Just looking at some posts I feel I may come across as a very anti-BBC person. I'm not. I think the BBC is the best media outlet out there for what it does. ITV doesn't stand a chance against it. It's programmes are second to none (Planet Earth etc.) and it does it all in a clear and, usually, sane voice.

When mistakes appear on the BBC they are magnified by their being 'by the BBC'.

And if you think about how much you pay for a licence as oppossed to what it gives you in return (live sport, news, excellent TV, comedies, quizzes etc.) it actually looks like the bargain of the century.

It's just harder to accept that when a) you're a student and b) you encounter mistakes and lazy journalism - which inhabit all media companies - but they are ones you aren't forced to pay for.

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