Thursday, November 30, 2006

10 Things...

I have been tagged by 'Geordie' to do this '10 Things I Would Never Do List'. So I present...

The All-time Top 10 things I Would never Do

10) I would never cry over spilt milk.

9) I would never eat a Ginsters Pasty.

8) I would never buy a CD by Michael Jackson.

7) I would never try hot air ballooning without first having had some lessons.

6) I would never disobey the laws of thermodynamics.

5) I would never read another Dan Brown book.

4) I would never ever ever ever buy Spam, make a Spam salad, put on a Tux, light some candles and sit down for an anniversary dinner with my wife.

3) I would never go to the cinema to watch a horror film.

2) I would never still be working on a thing like this past midnight.

1) I would never pass one of these things on to other people.

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