Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Survival of the Fittest

Nicholas Brett did it all.

He slagged off newspapers, told us magazines were never going to go away, were the most creative and interesting of all media options, and he did it all in an amusing, interesting and affable way.

Filled with bizzare Youtube videos of Dutch girls, exploding woman, graphs and graphics, competitions giving away subscriptions and general ancedotes about the industry, this was exactly what we had waited almost seven weeks to hear.

Perhaps the only worrying thing was that he told us the one thing he couldn't emphasis enough was to be a good sub-editor. I am a rubbish sub. But if that is what Mr Brett believes to be the single most important attribute of any aspiring Magazine Journalist then I had better get practicing.

Or find someone willing to do it for me...


Jade Lisa Lord said...

yeah yeah I get the subbing hint... pass me over copy and I'll sub it..

Jessica said...

Ah reading your blog reminded just how delightful that talk was. mmmmm mmmm.

I have been thinking about the subbing too. I'm wondering how exactly you go about getting good at it?

I think I still need to kill my ideal image of journalism a little. Its not all glam glam glam, you do not get to express your opinion, you do not get to pun, you do not get to use flowery language.

Other than that it sounds pretty good.