Monday, March 16, 2009

Silverstone half-marathon

To Silverstone race course on Sunday for a half-marathon around the straights and hairpin bends of the track, reaching speeds of 220mph on the long straights.

It was an odd race, very hot in places, windy in others, on a very disconcerting track that wound its way here, there and everywhere. Often you could see runners both in front of you and behind you on different sections of the course, which was odd when trying to gauge where you were in the race.

I managed to run sub eight minute miles for 10 miles before my legs gave out on me and so I merely jogged to the end, probably around 8.30 - 9.30 miles, which brought me on 1hr 42 minutes dead. I was on for 1.39 at about mile 10 but didn't feel it was worth the risk to push myself overly hard and am pleased to have taken off seven minutes and 19 seconds from my Watford half-marathon time.

My target time of 3hr 30m for the London Marathon seems maybe a touch ambitious now, as running eight minute miles for 26.2 miles seems a tad too much given how my legs felt at 13.1 miles yesterday. Perhaps I should just settle for sub four hours. However, quite a few people commentated that the crowds will keep you going a lot longer in London. The crowds at Silverstone were good, but not
amazing, a bit quiet in places.

Under six weeks to go now too which means two more long runs, one of 16 miles, one of 18-20, and then tapering down to 15, 10 and maybe one eight, before a two week kick back just waiting for race day. Bring it on.

Me and Mr Will Dean celebrate the successful completion of Mr Half Marathon.


Stuart said...

Well raced! I hope it doesn't sound too negative... but if in doubt, then I reckon it's better to start at sub-4 pace and then hope to speed up, rather than starting at 3:30 and then being forced to slow down! Those crowds do keep you going. As you say "Bring it on" :)

Dan W said...

Thanks, yes I think that is the way I will do it. 9 min miles for a good 18 miles, then depending on legs, push on,and see how close to 3.30 I can get. I'm not that fussed about 3.30, but you know, nice to get a good time!