Wednesday, November 08, 2006

News is People...

It's stories like this that make me glad I'm on the magazine option. Having to report stories like this week in, week out, would probably make me suicidal.

As I said in this post;

"I think the entire human race needs to be told to be ready for a life of misery - when the news is concerned - of evil people carrying out evil deeds on (usually) undeserving victims."

News is people - and people are appalling.


Jade Lisa Lord said...

That story is shocking. I can't believe people actually have it in them to do such a thing. Also, on a different note, and because I have had 'Sylvia Dawson' structures rammed down my throat, did you not think that news article was badly structured? Was a bit all over the place. But maybe it's just me. And yes, my blog is getting me down a bit. Just a bit...

Geordie said...

You're probably right Jade, I don't think it's especially well-constructed either.

And nowhere did they mention that they'd picked on that kid because one of the guys had been bottled in a club and decided to kill the first white person he saw - pretty fucking crucial to the story, you'd think.

Is it just me, or are incidents like these happening more and more often?