Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crash Bang Wallop - What a Video

Something pleasing about footage of Richard Hammond's crash having more viewers than the non-event that is the 'Celebrity' Big Brother final.

Richard's obvious modesty and humility at such praise even Clarkson gave him was clearly sincere - indeed he said he "didn't want the crash mentioned ever again" and you got the impression he was genuine. Compared to the vacuous (possibly racist (who knows how they edit it...)) morons on CBB it was positively refreshing.

Some people are either very bad at understanding comedy, or take themselves far too seriously.
By showing the crash, Richard and Top Gear were showing that what they do is dangerous, and that despite all the jokes they knew he was very, very, lucky to be there with everything as good as normal (despite a bizarre new taste for celery).
I fail to believe people who watched that crash thought: "Wow, that just made me want to drive more dangerously and carelessly."

Well people who watch Top Gear and not the CBB final...

Saturday, January 27, 2007


In the modern world of ever changing logos, slogans and mission statements it's nice to see that some things remain the same.

The BBC homepage had this image as their picture link to the latest FA cup scores.

This image is something I can remember from my childhood. Nice to see that not everything has to be constantly updated and changed.

N.B. If this in any way infringes copyright I apologise in advance and will take it down if prompted to do so.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here's another slide...

So R&R renewed today. That's Reporters and the Reported for those who don't know. And we were graced with Ian Hargreaves.

I'm afraid to say it was a fairly ominous start to the latest series of lectures. It basically consisted of: "Here is another slide showing information which is irrelevant, not left up long enough for you to read and impossible to decypher. And here is another one..." - This was made doubly painful by the fact that the first half consisted of findings from a survey in 2002...

It's nothing personal. It is clear from his C.V. that he is a 'proper' journalist; The FT, The Independant, The New Statesman. And he was a former member of staff here at our beloved JOMEC. But as a talk it was, frankly, boring.

If the only worthwhile tangent I can take from it was that young people are fairly uninterested in politics you can appreciate the struggle....

I suppose the only thing I thought was this - we are well aware of the disengagment of today's youths and politics. But if, say, 65% are uninterested, then 35% must be interested. Maybe we should find out why they are interested and work on that. People will only come to politics if they deem it be to 'cool'.

You can't make people realise something is 'cool' by saying: "Honestly kids! Politics is so hip! Don't be a square...VoTe!"[Sic.] They will just roll their eyes and flick over to MTV.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hair of the Dog

Yet another bizarre news story I want to be associated with. And an excuse to put in a picture of my mutt. He doesn't drink.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

50 Not Out

According to Blogger this is to be my 50th post. In reaction to reaching such a (dubious) milestone I thought a little summary of my thoughts regarding the blog were in order.

What I have learned:
  • Less is more - the longer it is the less likely people will read it.
  • People will find this, or any blog, no matter how small or irrelevant you believe it to be - the map at the very bottom of this page is testament to that fact.
  • However it's sad to report that as of yet I feel my 'readers' extend to people on my course, my mum and my friends when I remind them that I have a blog.
  • You can and possibly will be looked for via your blog.
  • Most blogs out there are impossible to understand, under-maintained, visually revolting and pointless.

But despite this I still like blogging. Why? Probably because I like having a place in the great vastness/void of the internet that is mine. Especially as I got such a good address. I also feel as a journalist it is important to demonstrate that you are technologically savvy and aware of current stories developing in the media. As such the blog is best place to demonstrate this.

Iain Dale I might not be...but I hope I'm writing a blog entry entitled 100 Not Out at some point before May.

Here is an interesting article about the main reasons for blogging.


RE: the picture. I've always liked it and felt this post deserved a bizarre image.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom...

Oh dear God...

Yeah an overreaction I think. There is an inherent flaw in this idea. If it gets to 11:59 that must mean disaster is imminent - so is anyone going to be left to push it around to 12:00 and say "we told you so?"

Apparently it's never been further away than seventeen minutes...bit indiscriminate. And Doomsday Clock - bit overblown and clichéd. The Doomsday Book just chronicled the ownership of land in Britain. Nothing too Hollywood about that:
"In 1066 one man will chronicle the ownership of all land in a realm he has just conquered..."

Interestingly, or bizarrely, enough Wikipedia has noted one reference in popular fiction (although a term I would used loosely): Gummi Bears Season 4 Episode 4 "A Knight to Remember" The ghost of a Gummi knight helps Cubbi destroy the mysterious Doomsday Clock." - sounds like quality TV.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Get it Right...

So Channel 4 have a new show called 'Gillian Moves In' referring to the health 'expert' Gillian McKeith. Except the shows' premise is that people move into her house, not the other way around.

You would like to think that at some stage somewhere along the production, someone, with half a brain, noticed the incorrect statement in the title and changed it. But somehow it got all the way to advertising and still it's wrong.

And I was tempted to do a little piece about Ugly Betty which started just the other day but a fellow student said all I would have wanted to say so read that instead...

Just a Title

Yet again religion comes wading into the political arena. Despite God apparently creating us all equally and loving us all equally, it seems he must have been thinking of something else when he created homosexuals. Apparently they are the exception to his “love everyone” doctrine which Christians are so quick to tell us of.

Ultimately I would hope the government give this sort of thing no time of day. Homosexual people exist. They live, work important jobs, pay taxes, bills, contribute to society and have a role to play. Religion is a product of society too, and has its own 'rights' to think of, but it has no more importance than homosexuals and certainly has no right in trying to stop them getting on with their lives.

As I read on a comment page on the BBC website this sounds like the misuse of religion for another purpose. Like racial hatred and slavery before now sexual and lifestyle choices are being attacked under the banner of religion.

(I should also point out there were a lot of other religious people saying some refreshingly open-minded things about homosexuality along the general lines of “it’s their life we should be more tolerant”)

Incidentally the same passage from Leviticus 18:22 that gives the loaded, and somewhat ambiguous sentence: "And with a male thou shalt not lie down in beds of a woman; it is an abomination" also informs people they: "must not mix two crops in the same field, or make cloth out of two different raw materials, or plow a field with an ox and a donkey yoked together." - Just to make the situation clear...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Not Poodles...

What Noodles? - Reminds me of this fantastic bit from Have I Got News For You


Can't embed it...anyone know how? I've tried copying the link from the site but that didn't work...frustrating...

Friday, January 05, 2007

When the Ship Comes In

I listened to Radio 2 on my way back to Cardiff and for a part of the journey I listened open mouthed as numerous people sent in e-mails and made calls criticising this 14-year old boy for sailing across the Atlantic Ocean - yes a 14 -year old sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Seriously. People are amazing. Amazing that at 14 they can sail the second largest ocean in the world single-handedly. Amazing that they can criticise this. The criticisms ranged from:

  • "he should have been in school."
  • "what irresponsible parenting for letting him be out there alone."
  • "his Dad was only a mile behind him, it's not really 'single-handed.'"
  • "it's not that impressive."

In response:

- what can school teach at 14 that could be more amazing, educational, confidence building and impressive than sailing across the Atlantic.

- I would say it's the opposite. It's amazing parenting to raise a son who is so able and willing that he is in a position to sail across the Atlantic on his own. It shows strength of character and a willingness to get out there - rather than hanging around on street corners etc. etc. Secondly crossing the Atlantic is hardly any safer with many other people. If you come into difficulty you're in real trouble - if you're 14 or 40 - as this story shows.

- Being a mile behind at sea in a sailing boat is not much help. Any problems that were life threatening would be almost impossible for his Dad to help with - it's not like driving a car.

- not that impressive? Well that is just ridiculous - one of the toughest feats in sailing is a challenge for anyone. But at such a young age is even more impressive.

It just sums up the nature of so many people in our society. Britain just seems to love a loser and anyone who actually achieves anything is deemed as a show-off or arrogant. It's pathetic. I feel this boy deserves every plaudit he gets.

Next time the story on the news is something about a gang of youths mugging an old lady, or happy slapping some random and breaking his nose, it will be the same people who moaned about this boy saying things like, "today's youths are the problem with society today. Why don't any of them do anything with their lives."

Oh well...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back on the Blog

Right, now that I have returned older, wiser, poorer, and better I shall return to my Blogging ways and write some posts. Can't be bothered to do it right now but felt obligied to do something.

Watch this Space...is anyone watching?