Friday, October 30, 2009

W is for...


Whisky. Foxtrot. Tango. A bloody good night out.

I was in Scotland earlier this week for work and as part of the keeping-us-sweet part of the trip we got to do some whisky tasting with information and advice from a top whisky expert - who was German. He loved whisky so much he had moved to Scotland wound up ambassador of the society which I think is bloody fantastic. Take that Griffin.

It was interesting to hear him explain that watering down whiskey is perfectly acceptable - although not with ice - until the whisky gives off an aroma that your palette senses it will like: much like you inhale wine you do with whisky. If you use ice you can't tell how much water is actually in the whisky and you have to wait for it to melt down and so forth. So with this advice we tried some unique cask example of 40%+ strength, sufficiently watered down, to be a nice, mellow drink; I think I get the whisky thing now. It was very nice.

Oh and the notion of using coke, apple juice, lemonade with whisky is most definitely made clear to be Not On.


Phil said...

As an utter pedant I have to point out you were drinking whisky (Scottish), not whiskey (Irish).

Hopefully this was a deliberate error and there's some kind of whisky-related prize for pointing it out?

Dan W said...

How interesting; have amended.

You do win a prize though! You're invited to join me for whiskey tasting on April 25, 2010! Make sure you have nothing big going on that day!