Monday, November 20, 2006

*The Internet: A Supernova Waiting to Implode?

Online Feature Idea
Topic: Journalism and Futurology

The internet is an ever-growing monster.

Almost 100,000 people start a blog every day with almost 57 million already in existence. Internet shopping is continually growing and the ability to run your life without ever seeing the outside world is a perfectly reasonable reality.

Science fiction writers of any era could never have envisaged a society where food, clothes, cars, houses, anything you care to imagine, could be delivered to any address with the simple click of a button.

Nothing can escape the internet's tentacles. Businesses without websites are seen as backwards, many major stores, companies and media outlets, are streamlining to run most things through their websites.

I will aim to talk to people in the magazine industry about how magazines, a traditionally non-linear media form, will adapt to the web as well as people whose businesses are becoming more and more web-based; such as Dixons, and shops which have never even had a high-street store like Amazon.

Where can the internet end? Like space ever expanding into unseen and unknown territories is there anything that will stop it? Or will it expand until it reaches breaking point and implodes in upon itself?

So with the internet pervasive in all arenas will media be forced to bow to its power? With blogs, video-web cast, non-stop online news sites, instantly accessible archives of old stories and business continually using online to increase profit, what does the future hold for traditional media, especially magazines?

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Alexis said...

Hello my stalker friend!

It's crazy to think that so many people start a blog each day - what can all those people possibly have to say??

Very interesting topic choice though for your online feature...