Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working from home

Hello, are you at home? I am. I have been for a bit now. I was ill on Tuesday, and today the tube's are on strike.

When I first moved to London on only my second day of work at my (then) new job, I had to deal with a tube strike. Man it was terrifying. Can you imagine it? Second day in London and having to work out an alternative route to a destination I still didn't even know the main route to. But, thankfully, the Northern Line was running a normal service (different union you see), so I was able to make it in without too much fuss; in fact I even got to walk past the Oval cricket ground; tick it off the 'things to see and do list'. I don't really remember much about it now, but the tube trains must have been rammed if they were the only ones running.

Being at home is odd; I've been working, doing exactly what I would have been doing at work, but from home, which is both the blessing and the curse of the modern internet age I guess. Although, when you've got deadlines looming and writing to be done, while it's theoretically nice to not have to work, the reality is it leaves you with a huge amount to do on your return, with very little time to do it in. So I'd best get back to it.

Still, at least I can have a proper lunch. Beans on toast all round!

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