Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breaking a world record (with 850 other people) by playing the ukulele

On Saturday it was a short tube ride to Liverpool Street to take part in the successful attempt to break the World Record for the highest number of ukuleles playing together. A total of 851 ukulele players crammed into Devonshire Square and strummed along to Sloop John B. (and sang too) for over five minutes, which resulted in a huge cheer and much uke waving (as you can see) when it was announced we had indeed broken the record.

Such events are what make London so unique, bizarre, never-ending and unknowable.

I've got a lot of love for the ukulele, despite only been playing for about a month (ten years guitaring and three mandolining have helped me pick it up quickly though) and it's great that so many people are equally keen on such a fun, enjoyable and easy / easier to learn instrument.

If you were ever tempted to buy one, I'd recommend spending a touch more money to get a good quality one, rather than the £15 toy ones, as it's better to have a good sound and one that stays in tune. Additionally, mine is a tenor one, rather than the soprano (which is smaller and the more popular size), and so gives a fuller, louder sound, while still retaining the light, airy sound of a traditionally ukulele and I would suggest this for anyone who can play guitar, and would like to add a uke to their repertoire. The one thing I can safely say though is if you do buy one you won't regret it.

One a final note (f sharp?) I played a dulcimer yesterday at a friend's house, which is a four-stringed instrument that gives a lovely, Indian sound, and is very hard to make sound bad as every position and strum gives a harmonious chiming sound, pleasant on the ear. Lovely.

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Jon Severs said...

Roy Castle said: dedication is what you need.

A month cannot be classed as dedication, yet you broke the record anyway. A CHEAT!

Congrats anyway tho :)