Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cheese running

I went for my first run last night since my 42.20 in Richmond and it was quite hard. Only did 4.56km - such accuracy due to shiny Garmin watch - but did do third km in about four minutes (which is quite fast) so that was good.

The reason I only managed such a short distance is because I've picked up this really bad habit. When I get home I am always hungry so grab whatever is to hand in the fridge and munch. Now, despite knowing that cheese is terrible pre-running, it's also very good to bite a hunk of (loving using the word hunk in relation to food) to fill the stomach and feel fine for about 15 minutes.

Every bloody time I do this I even think "it'll be fine!" and for 15 minutes it is. Then after about 20 minutes it all goes wrong. I always end up having to stop due to agonising stomach cramps that are brought on by my own stupidity. Most of the time I even feel like I want to throw up and I have a painful aching inside to the point where I have to stop running.

Bloody cheese. I must resist your wily charms.

Caption: People chasing cheese; they should try eating it first then running down there.

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