Sunday, June 07, 2009

The idiot's crisp

Actually I like McCoy's crisps. They're large, tasty and usually fill the entire bag. But, I do hate these adverts for them.

Win Man Gadgets with McCoys Man Crisps

In the above (which will take you to another site to watch despite the claim the code is to 'embed' the video) a group of lads playing a pub quiz machine are shocked that their mate knows the answer to a question about ballet. In fact so terrible is this crime against ladism, the unfortunate chap is sucked off to an unspecified destination, while a geezer voiceover proclaims McCoy's crisps to be for MEN.

However, the problem I have is that before the bloke reveals he knows about ballet he is clearly seen eating McCoy's crisps. It doesn't make sense. In fact of the four men at the pub quiz machine our anti-hero is one of only two to be eating the macho crisps. So he's even more of a man than 50% of the people there and he's intelligent enough to know the answer to a ballet question.

What's more the questions are presented, as is standard, in multiple choice format meaning the answer is visible alongside three other incorrect choices. This often triggers latent knowledge to suddenly shoot to the front of the mind; a gut instinct piece of knowledge which anyone who's played on of this machines will know of or when playing along with Who Wants to be a Millionaire at home.

Enough pseudo analysis. Point is, stupid advert.


Anonymous said...

these adverts ave been running for years haven't they?

Dan W said...

Yea, but they've started running a lot more lately due to a competition to win 'man gadgets' like 'mobiles'. You rarely see women with mobile phones.