Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's only a game son (you'd better believe I'm right)

Last night I played pool for the first time in about two years. For some reason London pubs rarely seem to have pool tables. I like pool but I've always seen it as nothing more than a pub game. Fun, enjoyable, a bit of a laugh, but nothing to take seriously.

Some people do take it seriously, which is fine, but on such a small table you can hardly be surprised when a good old fashioned geoff hoon (i.e. wallop) of a ball ends up weaseling down a hole. Last night I did manage to produce a fantastic fluke having snookered myself (should that be pooled myself?) from which the ball ran right around the table and left me straight on the black, allowing me to chalk up (ha!) another win.

Which leads me on to this: is the BBC Snooker music the best sports music?


Only took me 24 hours to realise I'd spelt believe wrong. Great.

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