Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Will Carling should know better

Will Carling yesterday did a Bad Thing on Twitter. He used trending topics that were totally irrelevant to his posts. This is known as 'Doing a Habitat' - something he didn't seem to know of. He apologised though, once he understood, and deleted the offending posts (I'd taken a screen grab before though, knowing full well he would delete them in time. Click to enlarge).

While I believe his apology is sincere I do find it a bit weird that he did it in the first place at all. He joined Twitter last September so surely knows what the trending topics are all about? Not only that, his claim that 'I was told that's what you did' seems a little spurious. Why would anyone believe that you tag updates with hashtags of utterly unrelated subjects, such as Michael Jackon (#MJ). And who is telling him such things? Does he have a Twitter advisor?

All very strange.


Arun said...

rightly or wrongly it is what a lot of people do - a quick click on any of the trending topics will usually result in a least one person adding it to a post it has nothing to do with. I guess its just a different form of spam. some twitter marketeers will advise it although the better one's will warn against it because of the backlash it will likely generate

Dan W said...

yes this is true. expect better froma long time user who has many thousands of followers already though.