Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to reality

So after 14 days of not having to respond to emails, or update websites, arrange interviews and so on, I am now back at work. Sob.

Ah, it's not so bad. I had a great few days back in Cornwall with the family. It's so fantastically dark and quiet where we live now. Being in London for so long means you can forget what real, blinding darkness, is like. Even more impressive is straining your ears and genuinely not being able to hear a sound from any direction in several miles.

I could waffle on about Benicasim and some of the adventures, anecdotes and insights, but it's probably one of those 'if you haven't been you don't care' things, so I won't.

Finally, I bought 'Leviathan: or, The Whale' on Saturday, winner of the Samuel Johnston prize for non-fiction, and read about a quarter of it on the train on the way back from Cornwall. It's so far a fantastic read, very well written, full of interesting and unknown facts and information, and a unique and beguiling subject matter. Hopefully it will continue in the same way.

Hopefully this passes for a catch-up, back to the coalface blog?

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