Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Look at me

One of the scariest Dr Who episodes is, apparently, Blink. I've not seen it but I know that the plot involves statues that attack people by moving towards them if the person doesn't look at them. The idea of living statues must have influenced Anthony Gormley for the fantastic living plinth art installation. I think it's a great idea. It has generated much discussion and because every hour is different there is potentially always something interesting, different and noteworthy taking place.

Not only that, but for those of us who lucky enough / unlucky enough (delete as to your opinion) to live in London, it really is the case that if you find yourself in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square you can pop round and see what's going on. I love the lions in the Square, but I don't detour to go and see them anymore much like the way I use Big Ben as a time keeping device first, a fantastic London landmark second. Because it's ever changing there is always a reason to wander over and have a look.

It's also very much of its time but timeless too (I hope that doesn't sound pretentious). All art is made by people, inspired by events, a reaction to things that have happened, or are to happen, so to place people on the plinth, campaigning for certain things, dancing, playing music, or just standing there admiring the scenery, is at the heart of all art.

But on the flip side, in the world of Youtube and Facebook and Twitter, where everyone is pontificating and sounding off or telling you what they had for breakfast, and uploading videos and photos (often of what they had for breakfast), it's tapping in to this new age of creativity and self-expression. What's also pleasing to note is, thus far, no-one has (as far as I am aware) had eggs or anything hurled at them. Which you could expect to be the case.

I've applied to go on, and hope I get it. Just not at 3am on Sunday night in the pouring rain.

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