Monday, July 06, 2009

A cut above

I've always hated going to the barbers because I can't stand either a) dull, laboured conversations or b) the rigid silence. However, I've recently discovered a little place in Victoria called 4fellas that is fantastic. Two girls, great banter, good prices, and a rare example of a business just run really well.

The service is quick and efficient, the banter is excellent - you can tell they really do just chat away to one another all day and the clientale just comes and goes, dropping in and steering the conversation this way and that. When I arrived they were talking about murdering cheating partners (or just removing body parts - scary talk from hairdresses), then it moved on to how good an actor Jack Nicholson is to how bad Madonna was the other night, the charity fun run they're doing soon and so on...

The pricing is sensible - a tenner for a cut. not £9.95 or £10.50 - and the prices board has the great headline of 'what's the damage?' while opening times for Sunday says 'what do you think?'. It's the little touches right?

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