Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's in a name?

Clearly a lot according to Aviva Union, or Norwich, as they're going to be called soon. Or are called already.

In the first adverts they released to inform us of this change, Ringo Starr asked "Would any of this (being in The Beatles) have happened to me if I'd have still been Richard Starkey?" to which the answer is, "Well probably yes actually. It did to the others, the best 75%, and they used their own names". Well Paul's first name is James, but we'll let that slide.

Then, in the newest adverts, a bunch of celebrities and normal people are shown demanding a list of things they want from their insurance provider ("don't treat me as a target market", "take me seriously" (asked by a clown - oh clever) "just recognise me" (this from a man who is shown to have 3 identical brothers - which I think is a bit of a hard request actually).

And what does Mr Ringo Starr (who, remember, would never have been world famous if he had been known as Richard Starkey), demand?

"Don't call me by my stage name"

What? Hang on a moment. Make your mind up. Is it Starr or Starkey? Richard or Ringo? Ringo Union or Nowich Starkey?


geordie said...


The guy with the identical brothers says "recognise me". "Remember me" comes from Macaulay Culkin, in probably the only good bit of the ad.

But yeah. Ringo. What a tit.

Dan W said...

Oh. What does the identical man say then? It's something similar isn't it? I can't YouTube at work to check these things you see.

Dan W said...

edited as per above.