Thursday, May 28, 2009

Better to travel in hope

So the Champions League final was a disappointment. Barcelona were excellent, United were not. The build up started at 10am on the BBC Sport website, while The Guardian had the decency to start at 6.45pm. Despite of nine hours and 45 minutes of pre-match hype on the Beeb the match was never a proper contest and will not live long in the memory.

Now there is the inevitable avalanche of writing that will appear on the match; reasons why United were poor, why Barcelona were so good, why Ferguson got it wrong, or why Messi is now the best player in the world and so on. But it's just football. It's just a game. Sometimes one team wins, sometimes another. As United won it last year, and AC Milan the year before, So Barcelona have won it this year and someone else will win it next.

See this article that underlines the futility of in-depth sports analysis. And this shows why it doesn't pay to take these things too seriously.

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