Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scuse me while I diss the Sky

Sorry, lame pun.

Seriously though. Sky. Their adverts have been playing for a while now extolling the merits of High Definition TV. They say, "Sport...now even more thrilling..." and "Documentaries...now even more mesmerising..." and I can't stay silent any longer.

Because it's not true. Sport isn't any more or less thrilling when it's in high definition or low definition. It's just a better picture on which to watch the thrilling-ness, or lack there of. Indeed, a dull 0-0 between Portsmouth and Hull isn't made any more thrilling by Peter Crouch's face being more sharply defined.

Documentaries are as mesmerising as the content they provide. If it's fascinating subject matter then the quality of the image - which let's be honest, is hardly that poor at the moment on regular TV anyway; any underwater shots from a BBC nature show will prove that - is irrelevant to the content. The fact that you can show it in HD shouldn't somehow add 'mesmerising-ness' to the programme.

But I get it. They're just trying to flaunt the damn thing.

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Jon Severs said...

Portsmouth are always entertaining, whether in high def or not, I'll have you know :)