Thursday, May 14, 2009

I knew this was so, but....

A friend's friend has been auditioning for the next series of X Factor (yes they're doing another one), and has so far had two rounds of auditions, and has another one coming up. Each time she's been told to get there at 5am, and not been seen to 8pm and 11pm respectively.

But the worst bit is this is just auditions with production people, not 'the people'. Well, 1/3 of them is off on Britain's Got Talent so obviously He's not going to be there. But this clearly means the 'hilarious', awful comedy people they get on must be going through this process too, being told each time something ambiguous like, 'Yeah we definitely think you've got something...(evil snigger), you've got a real...talent...heheheh...' and this is probably why, when these people arrive at the TV camera stage and are told, 'you are the worst singer ever, who ever told you you can sing, didn't know what they were talking about', it's no wonder they look so shocked and surprised.

They may be deluded to not have ever stopped and listened back to their voice and realised they're not as good as, say, Steve Brookstein, but it's no wonder they are so bewildered when they go through such a rigmarole which leads them to believe that perhaps they do have that 'X Factor' that is apparently so needed in the bloated pop world, only to find out they're actually a BIG JOKE!.

For more, better X Factor bashing, you can also watch this, probably again.


Foss said...

One of my best mates (and ex band-mate) was in the last X-factor. He's a good singer, but he was shown as one of the gimmicky ones because they realised he had a good set of lungs on him. He was basically told "do this really really long note, or you won't be on the show".

Exposure on TV as a fool, or no exposure at all? Well, Phil (Blackwell, in case you want to youtube it!) wants to make it as a singer so he chose to go on the show. Sure enough, the judges blasted him and he didn't make it past the "first" stage.

They invited him back for the final show to sing with the other rejects.

During the final show, they also set his monitor earpiece half a semitone high, so he'd sound out of tune.

The makers of the show will quite happily make someone look absolutely ridiculous if it means higher ratings.

On the plus side, he did get to go on the x-factor tour and experience something most of us can only dream of!

Dan W said...

That's really interesting. These things are so obvious in a way, but until you hear about them (second hand in this instance) it's not as real.

watched that clip, he does indeed have a good set of lungs on him, and sounded like he could hold a tune too, but as you say, it just turned into a comedy skit basically.

I almost feel sorry for the production team though, they are the ones who find the talent, sift though the crap, but then they actually have to keep the bad ones and the good ones and arrange for them to be then 'professionally' judged by the panel, who take all the credit.