Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weird life skills

I seem to have developed an amazing ability in my short time that I have lived in London. When a tube is heading down into a station I can just tell, somehow, that it will either be empty, moderately packed, busy, or absolutely rammed, before it even passes me.

There's just some air of knowing that is swept down in front of it. Maybe it's the speed it's moving, or the way other people on the platform behaviour, as if they too have this sense. Of course, you may say it's the time of day that makes these things obvious, but not so, as it can often happen at either rush hour(s), morning or evening.

But, this only really happens on the Victoria Line as it's the line I have commuted on for three years (nearly), so maybe I have just got very good at readings its mood.

Incidentally, I complained about a journey for the first time ever about three weeks ago and got a £1.80 reimbursement thing back from TFL, which was nice. If petty.

Anyone else got any good life skills they've developed, without any reasoning behind them?


Alexandra Sheppard said...

I've worked out which end of the platform is nearest to the exit of my local tube station. It shaves whole minutes off my journey!

Simon said...

My only vaguely useful skill was to be able to tell whether the conveyor belt was going up or down from sounds alone when I used to work at Argos.