Friday, April 02, 2010

Canoe Man!

A couple of years ago, when the story of John Darwin hit the headlines, it was with fascination that the truth of his 'disappearance' was discovered.

Three years on and I came to watch a dramatisation staring some actory types in the roles of John and Anne Darwin in which Anne was shown to be somewhat of an unwilling victim in the scheme, caught between love of her husband, and the despair of the situation, aware of the crime they were perpetrating.

It was a fascinating story at the time, and it still remains so. They planned it so well, fooled their own sons ("that's the part the public will despise you for" a journalist told Anne in the story), and then, at the last, fell apart when they agreed to be photographed and didn't look into the visa situation of Panama.

If this story were told as straight up fiction people would enjoy it but sigh, "well, what nonsense" but it's even more incredible that these things happen all the time. Trying to think of other amazing stories along these lines, any suggestions?

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