Friday, April 09, 2010

Adding up

Caught Outnumbered last night, very good as ever. I think I actually prefer the adults to the children: you can sometimes see them both trying hard not to laugh such is the ridiculousness of the children's ad-libbing.

In fact, I fail to believe the amiable and likeable father played by the excellent Hugh Dennis is the same man who appears on the dire Mock the Week.

The scene in which Ben wanted a Tasmanian Devil eating a chicken in Trafalger Square was fantastic but the real laugh, for me at least, was the pay off for Dennis' character saying, "Well, that's the fourth plinth solved". Secondly, the scene in the bridge of HMS Belfast when he acted out the idea of the ship sinking was hilarious.

Have to say though, once the television is off, I am certainly glad they aren't my children, they would be bloody irritating to have to deal with.

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