Monday, March 29, 2010

Thar she blows!

After my minor whale infatuation last summer I wasn't that surprised to unwrap a copy of the 1956 version of Moby-Dick on Boxing Day (tree present, ya see?)

Owing to a bit of minor man-flu I was laid up in bed yesterday so it seemed the perfect time to finally watch it. I am glad I did as I found it very enjoyable. Sure the whale was fairly dated (i.e. no CGI, maaan), and some of the camera work and action was stilted in places, but overall it seemed a fairly true representation to the book.

What I particularly liked was the pacing of it and the fact quite a lot of the original, poetic dialogue had been left in, while some of the shots of the lads all a-whalin' seemed accurate, given what whaling knowledge I have accumulated on my short stint on this revolving lump of rock we call earth.

The music was fun too.

I also watched Starter for 10, a university-challenge inspired rom-com, which was, erm, okay. A bit fractured, disjointed, and a slightly messy ending. I should have known the ending would be a bit crap as I have a vivid memory of Richard Madeley telling one of the cast members, probably James McAvoy, that he though the ending was brilliant.

Ridiculous what the brain remembers isn’t it?


hayjane said...

The book 'Starter for Ten' is bloody brilliant. Not exactly intellectually stimulating, but laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Dan Worth said...

Yes I have heard the book is better. I started reading it once but lost interest that evening and never went back. This was in my pre book-devouring days though.