Thursday, March 04, 2010

The land of chocolate

I was in Hannover over the last three days. What a jolly time it was. Currywurst, Schtnizel, Ham for Breakfast, lovely. I found the people very pleasent and helpful, and the trains were very, well, punctual. Infact I took a train from the center of town down to their equiviliant of our NEC (only bigger, and nicer) to pre-register as press (oh, such perks). I felt like a very watered down Paul Theroux doing this as I've been reading his The Great Railway Bazaar - it's very good.

Some people don't see to like Mister Paul because he is so grumpy and doesn't seem to like many of the people he meets and writes about on his travels but I like it for this very reason. It seems much more real and relatable. Theroux always advises travels writers against getting planes as you learn nothing about a country by flying in to it. This is probably true. I flew with BMI to Hannover and got bumped to first class on the way back. I don't know, it was nice, and leg room for a 6ft 2" chap was a luxury, but would it be worth the massive increase in expense, I'm not so sure. Maybe long-haul, maybe then. Yes, then I think it would be good.

Heathrow is rubbish though. Huge passport queues, a massively overpriced heathrow express service, that only leaves you dumped at Paddington, and that's about it. Do you like me just rambling on things? Is it good? Or do you want something else from me? Hmmm.

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