Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is the news

I played my first sets of tennis of the year on Saturday. Very enjoyable it was too. Most courts seem quieter in the months before Wimbledon than after, can't imagine why. First games of the 'season' are always characterized by awful double-faults and wild, flailing backhands, but come September I, and those I play with, are generally down with some pretty nifty shots.

I started reading Midnight's Children on Friday. So far so good, but I gather it's one of the most unfinished novels ever written. I am determined to give it a fair whack so will update as I go.

I've been watching Arrested Development again recently, man it's good. Similarly, Lost is almost half-way through its final season and getting very interesting. I'll be glad when it's all over just so it's done and dusted but it's been a weird and wonderful journey to be sure.

Incidentally, I caught about 10 minutes of the latest 24 on Sky One last night. Can't believe that is still going. I was watching that when I was at secondary school. Now I am 24. Yikes!

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