Thursday, March 25, 2010

Short straws

Last night I caught the last 25 minutes or so of sci-fi flop Armageddon on BBC3 (another great justification for its existence right there). You know the story. Asteroid, Americans, comedy Russian, Liv Tyler, mission to land on asteroid and plant bomb, then leave to detonate bomb, Aerosmith, Bruce Willis, mission fails, one member of team must stay behind on Aerosmith and blow it up, thus dying.

So, we reach this climatic point of this process and the only logical way to choose which member of the crew should do this, and therefore save the entire planet is to draw straws. Of course!

So, instantaneously, we see six straws being proffered to each member of the crew. Where on earth did they find six straws from? And all of different colour. Which forward-thinking planner put that on the shuttle, thinking of all eventualities?

Also, funny to see that some minute before this we see a shard of the asteroid blowing up Paris. I mean, why did the multi-million dollar Hollywood film decide to choose Paris as the one city that should fall foul of the deadly rock? What a pathetic film.

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