Monday, August 17, 2009


Did you see Usain Bolt last night? Man. That. Was. Fast.

The collective awe from the stadium and on the internet was palpable, reaching the top of the Twitter trending topics almost as quickly as he'd run; and knowing millions around the world had watched it too, all dumbstruck by the sight of another human being running faster than anyone has ever run before, was somehow exhilarating too.

Meantime, I've written a piece for runners on sirjogalot (a website run by a nice chap I met through Twitter and then subsequently in real life, who also ran the London Marathon back in May) on tips to help break Personal Bests or PBs that includes an obligatory reference to Usain Bolt. Read it here.

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James said...

Thanks for the blog contribution Dan and here's to many more.