Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book worm

I read Ghostwritten by David Mitchell last week. It's the fourth book of his I've read, after (in order) Cloud Atlas, Number 9 Dream and Black Swan Green. I enjoyed it a lot, probably my second favourite after Black Swan Green - which I would highly recommend.

I'm now reading American Pastoral by Phillip Roth. Did you know he was Jewish? I had no idea. Twice I've been reading so intently that the tube has jolted off with me not clinging to the bars for grim death so I've been sent careering down the carriage, my hands flailing wildly for something to grab on to, before righting myself and then acting as nonchalantly as possible as if nothing has happened. But I know they are sniggering; but they are reading the Metro so I don't care.

I'll have a review of Leviathan I did for a London fanzine called Tally Ho! out on the streets of East London soon, and they've promised me a PDF so I can put it up here too. Hooray.

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