Friday, August 21, 2009


‘You alright Geoff?’
‘Ah Brian, God I’m glad you’re here.’
‘What are you doing, what’s all this paper?’
‘It’s the internet.’
‘The internet?’
‘Yes. It’s printing off.’
‘You’re printing the internet?’
‘Yes, I don’t know how it happened.’
‘What do you mean you don’t know how it happened?’
‘I don’t know alright. I just clicked some button or something and it started printing it off. Just help will you; I need to get it in piles to keep some semblance of order.’
‘Alright, alright calm down. How long have you been here?’
‘About 45 minutes.’
‘Christ, how much paper has it used up?’
‘This is the 47th ream.’
‘Holy crap. And what site are you on now?’
‘Er…*a rustling of paper*’
‘Oh dear.’
‘I know.’


Anonymous said...

what about aarons aardvark advice?

Dan W said...

He's already stored that in his pile.