Monday, February 08, 2010

Up the Gherkin

I love being high in London. No, not drugs (you low-minded individual) but height, elevation, altitude, your highness. It gives a spectacular view over the many and varied buildings below, and unique perspectives on the curve of the river, the location of distant landmarks like Battersea power station, and just a rare chance to escape the pounding pavements below for some peace and quiet.

I was up the Gherkin yesterday (which somehow just sounds a bit, well, risqué, doesn't it?) having climbed the 1,037 stairs to the top as part of the NSPCC's step change event and you can't deny Norman Foster's phallic building is yet another magnificent addition to the London skyline, like the London Eye. Being inside only underlined the unique architectural design of the building, at least from my non-existent knowledge of architectural design view anyway.

In the very top of the building, where it reaches its peak, it really does feel as if it could be a superhero's, or super-villain's, lair (I can't decide which, having not decided on which side I would fall if given super powers). Furthermore, because of the pattern of the building – an endless series of W's, like this: WWWW, (if you look at it right) it made me think that I could indeed live and fight crime / plot my universal domination, up there. What, with being a Worth an all.

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