Sunday, February 14, 2010

Teddy boys

Valentine's Day. Why do so many cards, and other assorted paraphernalia for the day, feature teddy bears giving each other massive hearts?

In many of these images the teddy in question look as if it is straining under the weight of the heart. Secondly, it makes no sense. Why would a living, romantic teddy give his/her partner a huge heart, far bigger than his own. Where did it get it from? Has the bear mauled someone to attain this heart? I don't understand.

From a human point of view it is odd too. Why would one human wish to give another something containing the image of a soppy looking bear holding a massive heart? I'd just find it creepy. Give me a funny, ideally pun influenced, card that speaks to me and shows that person knows me, rather than some drippy yet sinister bear parading around with human hearts offering it to another bear in some form of sacrificial offering.

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