Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Utterly shameless, completely Worthwhile

You knew this day was coming - the signs have been there for a while now, the way little images have gone up on the side of the page, then the widgit showing my progress, the occassional post asking quietly at the bottom, but now the stealth is over. Yes, like one of those infuriating ad campaigns that spend weeks causing you to ask, 'what the hell is this about?', I can now confirm this is the begging blog post, asking for donantions to my marathon fundraising page.

I've seen you visiting this page - through my statcounter - coming from your netvibe accounts, googling my name, wondering what random thoughts have fluttered through my brain and onto this page - and now I'm calling a favour. I want you(!) for Marathon Donations.

It's easy - you go here, you fill in some forms, you pick a random amount to sponsor me, and you feel warm and fuzzy inside, while on the big day itself, know you've done your bit, as I pound the streets of London. We all win.

This weekend I'm off to Silverstone (nnnnnnnneeeeeeeeoung....(( the sound of F1 car going past really fast, obviously)) - so any donations received before then will give me that extra push to get me around sub 1.45!

There's plenty more information on the JustGiving page about my training, why you should sponsor me, and so forth - but if you are a regular reader of this blog, or a random who has a couple of quid burning a hole in their (online) pocket, please, spend two minutes clicking and typing to donate to my page.

Above, finishing a 10K in Cornwall in 47m 14 seconds, in 42 from 217.

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