Sunday, March 22, 2009

An 18 mile run

So yesterday was the second longest run in the build up the London Marathon, 18 miles in three hours...well two hours 53 minutes to be exact. Another hot day meant an early start was required so we were out the house by 10.30 which made a nice change from lazing around until 2pm, mooching in the house, followed by a 'shall we go then?', 'I guess so.'

For about two hours there was little aching or pain, even after last weeks 13.1 mile blitz around Silverstone. Then we were met with the steepest hill on our run, badly positioned by the earth's construction over billions of years, which really tested our legs' endurance, and after conquering the hill and another mile we finally relented to their cries of , 'enough!', so we walked home for about 500m, to stretch the legs out.

It was quite uncomfortable at the end and was certainly the most I've 'felt' a run in my actual muscles, rather than 'in' the legs, which is what I had last weekend. Some pasta, lucozade and chocolate though soon had the energy levels topped up. Even to take in some bowling action (twinging the thighs nicely) in the evening.

We finally saw the Freud statue in Swiss Cottage area too.

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