Sunday, February 08, 2009

Classical music

I went to the Royal Festival Hall to see the Royal Philarmonia Orchestra today, with free tickets through my place of employment (hey, perks!), and it was very enjoyable, and, shall we say, cultured.

Certainly a spectacular sight to see all those bows moving in unison, creating such a natural sound too, and waiting to see when, in a 46 minute piece, the two men "playing" the giant symbols and bass drum will be called upon. Not very often is the answer.

However, I still can't shake that sense I'm just waiting for the dramatic moments in-between all the, well, noodling that takes place as the pieces meander on. I have no knowledge of this music beyond the basic and my opinion on 400 years of classical music is pretty irrelevant but that's just what I thought.

Nevertheless, very enjoyable anyway.


Kristian Dando said...

Haha! I just noticed that you said you hated the Eggheads on your Twitter. Fun fact - my housemate claims to have enjoyed a tumultuous affair with the long haired one. I say.

Dan W said...

god i hate eggheads, so smug and full of themselves, "yes yes we know you know the answer, just give it and shut up. none of this unnecessary extra waffle." hmph.