Friday, February 13, 2009

500+ twits together

I went to the LDN:Twestival last night. I'll write more in time, but for now, you can read a blog about it on the Guardian (not by me), complete with a photo in which I am visible. Proof I was indeed there.

Update as promised: Well now if you go on that blog there are many comments, 90% very negative, complaining about the event, the people who attended (i.e. presuming them to all be various forms of insults), and moaning about the Guardian, or Telegraph, covering the event.

Here are some sample criticisms. "the photos don't help the PR whatever angle. the first looks like an end of year uni do in the student union bar" - How do you make a photo of hundreds of people standing around talking not look like a "student union bar" - if that's how you choose to place the reference?

"The only reason for this total non-event being reported must be down to some connection between PR and someone on the Guardian staff payroll. Buck your ideas up, editors. You're starting to look distinctly C4 in attention to fatuous inanities."

Of course this one opens a massive debate about 'what is news'. My argument would be that, as an organised event, one of hundreds that happened across the globe, organised through a website that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sites on the internet, that has almost raised $1 million for a charity is definitely news. Whether or not you are interested in it doesn't mean it isn't news. If you don't get it, like it, fine, but why such anger?


Tim Holmes said...

I looked hard at the photo Dan, but no joy. Unless you're back left in the blue shirt?

Dan W said...

left of the guy in glasses and fake wig and directly behind the guy in the beige jumper, and I am side on to camera, with pale blue collar. looking down. it's like where's wally.