Monday, January 19, 2009

What's in a name?

A fairly mundane piece on the BBC website in which people explain their various nicknames through the years - great. However, number 20 is quite a funny one, in a double take, melancolic comedy, sort of way, and runs as follows:

20. As a kid, my older friends called me Beverage. it came about as a transmutation of Steve-a-rino which became Bever-ino which became Beve then Bev and finally Beverage. I still hate all of these nicknames, especially Steve-a-rino.
Steve Ayres, Seattle, Washington, USA

Which demands the question - why are you telling the world about them then?


Tim Holmes said...

Actually it demands the question – begging the question is a different thing entirely (although this is probably yet another picky sub's lost cause).

Dan W said...

Like those pesky apostrophes.

Noted and amended though.