Monday, January 26, 2009

'What is it about Epsom skifflers that makes them so interested in research?'

The furore, or 'nowtrage' as Charlie Brooker is calling it, about Jonathan Ross puts me in mind of the way interviews used to be conducted: this is Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin fame, when he's about 13 in a skiffle band. The interviewer is like a weird hybrid of a creepy uncle and demon headmaster roled into one. Watch the way he takes the drummers sticks away at two minutes when the interview starts and then takes every answer they give with the same incredulity Paxman does when a student confuses Henry VII with Henry VIII.

Once he's done his intro (also stilted and strange) skip past the music, unless you love skiffle, once it starts to 1.55

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Kristian Dando said...

Haha, isn't this where they lifted the 'Give Me Some Money' scene on Spinal Tap off? Brill.