Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the buses

The poor old bendy bus has had it rough in recent months. Indeed Boris Johnson based a lot of his campaigning on his desire to rid the city of London of this lumbering beast.

Now it finds itself once again caught in the cross-fire of a debate it probably didn’t ask to be in – the existence, or not, of God. Just a small one then. It all stems from the fact the British Humanist Association (BHA)are to run a series of ads on the buses rejecting the idea of God and telling people,"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." Which is fair enough.

But, of course religion will argue back, and Stephen Green of pressure group Christian Voice said: "Bendy-buses, like atheism, are a danger to the public at large.” Which is a great comparison: a bus whose merits are disputed and the unbelieving of a mythical sky creature who controls our lives and whose system of practice has caused millions of needless deaths and numerous wars throughout history.

He continued, “People don't like being preached at. Sometimes it does them good, but they still don't like it." Which is less great seeing as Mr Green is a rather odious man who is fond of preaching and telling people what to do.

It's the bus I feel for.

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Hear, hear!