Monday, October 27, 2008

Media darrhhliinggs

Peaches Geldof – who should form a salad with Apple Martin when she grows up (both of them grow up) - has done a Max Gogarty, and written one of the worst blogs in the world. And there are 112 million out there so that’s saying something.

Marina Hyde wrote a withering and quite brilliant rant (in the best possible sense) on Friday attacking the piece that is better to read first, before reading the blog itself afterwards.

Among the many comments, many of which are signed off with 'funny' user names, is one from someone called 'A A Gill' (about 10-15 comments down) and it does read as if it’s by A A Gill, so perhaps it really as him, which is an interesting thing if so. Either way, the comment from this person is also a very savage and incisive cutting down of such a vacuous, hollow and needless piece of writing.


Kristian Dando said...

It's dreadful, innit?! I'd say its even worse than Gogarty.

geordie said...

Nice to see she's learned her lesson after that fucking awful G2 column 18 months ago.

Oh. Right.

I love how someone posted Max Gogarty's entire blog as a comment though.

Arun said...

thats another 10 minutes of my life i won't get back