Monday, August 11, 2008

Talked down to?

Britain From Above was a bloody odd show. It never really knew what it was trying to show, aside from that representing different things around the country in the form of colourful sperm looked quite interesting.

At times it was almost childlike: “look here, a train taking people to work, and over there some people having a swim”. Then it bordered on a Steve Coogan pastiche – the traffic engineer who controlled traffic light timings saying, ‘we have to be ready for the unexpected, once a milk float overturned’. Is that his best anecdote?

But the single most interesting, and depressing, aspect was the man whose job was to watch for the end of Eastenders and be ready to ensure there was enough energy to match the sudden demand for a cuppa the end of the show causes. How utterly pathetic is that. Again, not sure how it linked in to ‘Britain From Above’ but they put it in anyway.

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